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The Kent Test Explained

There are many types of 11+ examinations across the United Kingdom which are designed to assess whether a grammar school is a suitable option for your child. The Kent Test (11+) is commissioned by Kent County Council, written by GL Assessment and is sat by children across the county. The test includes sections involving English, maths and different types of verbal, non-verbal and spatial reasoning questions.

Schools in Kent that require the Kent Test 11+

The Kent Test is taken by Year 6 students within the first few weeks of September. Results are typically returned by the end of October.
The test is not mandatory for all. Around 16,000 students choose to take the Kent Test every year. The intention is to place approximately 25% of children in Kent at a grammar school.
The pass mark for the Kent Test differs from year to year. Students must pass the English, maths and reasoning papers individually as well as reach an overall score. Pass marks are age-standardised meaning the final mark awarded may change based on your child’s exact age.

What the test consists of

The Kent Test consists of three marked assessments and a writing task:
English & Maths
Paper 1

English & Maths

The English test can include a mixture of reading comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar questions. The maths test consists of varying mathematical concepts.

Paper 2


This paper is split into two problem solving parts: verbal reasoning, which focuses on using words and letters, and non-verbal reasoning, which utilises shapes, pictures and patterns.

Writing Task
Paper 3

Writing Task

Once both papers are completed, students sit a short writing task which is not formally assessed. This is used only if your child goes through the headteacher's appeals process.

A simple check list for parents

We have put together a check list of things that you can be doing as parents to help prepare for the Kent Test examination process.
Check list for parents

Register for the Kent Test

You can register your child to take the Kent Test via the Kent County Council website between 1 June and 1 July. Registration must be completed when your child is in Year 5.

Research schools

Some schools have their own admissions policies which may include alternative entry tests. We recommend visiting the website of schools you are interested in to find out more. See a full list of schools here.

Help your child prepare

Each child is unique and will benefit differently from various preparation techniques. Familiarise yourself with the process and utilise guides and services to get prepared.

How we can help your child prepare

Top Dog Tutoring offers a premium tutoring service as well as flexible preparation resources suitable for any child in Year 5 working towards their GL 11+ exams.
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