What the test consists of

Paper 1: English & Maths

1 hour

Paper 1 is split in half for English and maths assessments. The English half can include a mixture of reading comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar. The maths half covers a range of mathematical question types of varying difficulties. Students are given 5 minutes of practice time before each 25 minute main test.

Paper 2: Reasoning

1 hour

Paper 2 consists of verbal, non-verbal and spatial reasoning sections. The paper will take approximately 1 hour to complete with time for verbal and non-verbal being split roughly equally. The verbal reasoning element of the test is sat via one timer and explores multiple question types. Non-verbal and spatial sections are administered and timed individually. Students are given time to practice before the main tests.

Writing Task

40 minutes

Once both papers are completed, students sit a short writing task. This piece of writing is not formally assessed and is used only if your child is subject to the appeals process. Students are given a list of writing prompts to choose from, including fiction and non-fiction. This section is allocated 40 minutes in total which includes 10 minutes of practice time.