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General questions

Which 11+ papers are your services suitable for?

Everything we plan is in the style of the test provider ‘GL’. Our ’11+ Preparation Resources’ are suitable for GL papers. Our ‘Tutoring Sessions’ service has a specific focus on the Kent Test. Our mock tests are suitable for children preparing for the GL Kent Test.

Which year group are these services suitable for?

Both the ’11+ Preparation Resources’ and the ‘Online Sessions’ are year-long courses designed for children in Year 5 before they take their 11+. Children can join at any point within this year, but not before the start of Year 5.

How are your lessons and resources created?

We plan all of our own content from lesson slides to homework tasks. Through years of teaching in primary schools and tutoring children towards their 11+ exams, we’ve devised a bespoke curriculum that delivers everything needed for a child to reach their potential.

Do you run mock tests?

Yes. Not only do we write bespoke mock tests suitable for children aiming towards their Kent Test (11+), we also host dates across the year in which your child can join us for administration either online or face-to-face. Find more details via our mock test page.

Is all of your content delivered online?

Yes. Our ’11+ Preparation Resources’ are accessible via our website and our live ‘Tutoring Sessions’ and ‘Summer Club’ are delivered online via Zoom. Our ‘Mock Tests’ are administered both online and in person – you will have the choice of either when you book.

Do you offer 1:1 tuition?

Our tutor-led sessions are delivered to groups of up to 8 pupils. Get in touch if you have any specific 1:1 requests and we’ll get back to you with a quote and availability.

Tutoring questions

Are there homework tasks?

Yes. Each week, your child will have access to four homework tasks covering the four different subjects taught that week (English, maths, verbal and non-verbal/spatial reasoning). The tasks are specific to the learning in that session. They come complete with answers for self-marking as well as helpful video walkthroughs from Dylan and Hayden.

What subjects are taught in sessions?

We cover all of the 11+ essentials, which include English, maths, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and spatial reasoning. The first hour-long session of the week consists of English and verbal reasoning. The second session of the week consists of maths and non-verbal/spatial reasoning.

What if my child misses a session?

Sometimes missing a session cannot be avoided. This is why we provide all of our ‘Tutoring Sessions’ pupils with free access to our ’11+ Preparation Resources’. Here you can utilise our bite-sized lesson recordings, homework tasks and linked walkthroughs for the missed session to help catch up.

How is my child assessed?

Tutors will provide individual feedback to each child in-session based on your child’s input. Your tutor will also provide whole group feedback after each session via a WhatsApp group. Pupils attending our ‘Tutoring Sessions’ also receive free access to our mock test papers (three across the year) which come complete with detailed attainment reports that outline their strengths and next steps. Additionally, you can regularly assess your child when they complete their weekly homework tasks by using the answer sheets provided.

Do you tutor through the summer?

Tutoring stops at the end of Year 5 in July. Access to ’11+ Preparation Resources’ remains throughout the summer holidays for revision purposes. We also run a highly popular ‘Summer Club’ in the last full week of August for final preparation before sitting the test in September. Purchasing this product also gives you access to 8 weeks of bonus revision content online. Find out more under the ‘Other Services’ tab.

Do sessions run in half-term breaks?

Our ‘Tutoring Sessions’ service has breaks aligned with the Kent County Council school calendar. All session dates for our tutoring groups are available on the individual group page when booking in. Furthermore, ‘Tutoring Sessions’ members receive free access to our ’11+ Preparation Resources’ which include bonus resources throughout the half-term breaks!

How many children are in a group?

Our groups operate at a maximum capacity of 8 children per group.

How does Zoom work?

To join in with our ‘Tutoring Sessions’ service, you must first create a Zoom account via their website. Ensure you are logged in to your Zoom account before entering your tutor’s session details (meeting ID and passcode). You will find these Zoom details within the WhatsApp group which you will have access to once your booking has been made. Ensure you’ve set your Zoom display name to your child’s name to avoid any confusion when joining a session. We encourage the use of camera and audio when joining in for the best user experience.

How experienced are the tutors?

Teachers that work with Top Dog have at least 7 years of teaching experience and are currently teaching in a UK primary school. Many of our teachers have wider school responsibilities such as ‘Head of Year’, curriculum leadership and senior leadership responsibilities.

Resource questions

What is included with ’11+ Preparation Resources’?

Purchasing our 11+ Preparation Resources package grants you instant access to our vast library of videos and tasks which cover key 11+ knowledge in the style of GL examinations. This service is most suitable and designed for children in Year 5. Benefit from resources dedicated to each subject: English, maths, verbal and non-verbal/spatial reasoning.

How long will I have access to the resources?

Once purchased, you’ll have access to our resources forever! If we add any additional resources in the future, you will automatically gain access to these too.

How many resources are there?

We’ve created enough resources to allow your child to practice each subject once per week throughout the whole year! In total, there are over 180 video lessons, plus accompanying homework tasks and walkthrough videos.

Who is this service suitable for?

Our ’11+ Preparation Resources’ have been created to help Year 5 children prepare for any 11+ exam written by GL.

Is it possible to pick and choose subjects?

We offer the full package at a reasonable price and are unable to provide subjects separately. In the past, we have found that children who are confident in a subject have still found the weekly practice beneficial.

Payment questions

How can I pay?

All payments must be processed via the website using debit or credit card details. We do not accept cash, cheque or any other payment types.

How do I cancel Tutoring Sessions?

To cancel your live ‘Tutoring Sessions’, contact support@topdogonline.co.uk. Users must provide a minimum period of 7 days notice of cancellation of the service. You will receive a partial-refund for any remaining sessions after the 7 days notice period. Read the Terms of Service for more detail.

I can’t find an answer to my question

If you have a question that isn’t listed in our FAQs, please get in touch and we will be able to help you.