Sethumi (Parent)

“Personally we found the flexibility of the preparation resources perfect for us. My son is a busy boy and has many clubs in the week. Sometime we would save up 1 or 2 weeks and do them back to back at the weekend. This course was so good for us and just what we needed. Professional videos and worksheets. Highly recommend.”

Alice (Parent)

“I couldn’t recommend Top Dog enough – they have gone above and beyond with their services. Whenever I’ve had a question across the week, they are prompt at answering, the tutors are lovely and my son has definitely improved and is now more confident to take quite a daunting test!”

Charlie (Parent)

“I was recommended to Top Dog by a family member and I’m very glad I was! My daughter enjoyed every session across the summer week and has grown in confidence ready for her Kent Test. The attainment report at the end was so helpful and we were able to plug some gaps in her knowledge before the big day. Thank you Top Dog!”

Charlie (Student, Aged 11)

“I did the mock test at Christmas and found it really helpful because I got to see the timings of the real test. Me and mum used the report to help me focus on the areas I got wrong. It was so helpful and I am already going to go to the next one at Easter to see if I am doing better.”

Kirsty (Parent)

“My daughter found the mock test from Top Dog invaluable. It was a fantastic way to familiarise her with the test because she was nervous about what it looked like. She was so much more relaxed after this and said the real thing was just like her mock test so well done Top Dog!”

Keerthi (Parent)

“Top Dog Tutoring provides amazing practice for the Kent test. The tutors are very friendly and approachable. After every week of the two sessions there is access to lesson recordings and independent tasks, and you can see how your child has done. Free mock tests as well. Highly recommended.”

Lisa (Parent)

“I definitely recommend to other parents. My son and daughter have both had great tutors and I can’t fault the way the sessions and mock exams have been organised. As a busy working mum, I’ve felt informed and always had speedy responses when their have been tech issues (our end) or I’ve had questions.”

Jayprakash (Parent)

“Our daughter had a great learning experience with Top Dog Tutoring. We came to them based on a recommendation from one of our friends and couldn’t thank them more. The teachers are friendly and their teaching techniques are simple and engaging. The class size is just right. I could reach out for advice and help anytime, and I always got prompt and very useful responses.”

Michelle (Parent)

“Layla jumps out of bed on a Saturday morning to get online with her tutor. She absolutely loves it and her confidence in maths and English is growing by the week.”

Hannah (Parent)

“Energetic passionate teachers who inspire children to achieve their potential through learning. Highly recommend Top Dog!”

Laura (Parent)

“Fantastic service provided! Lots of top tips given to support children taking the Kent Test and every session was clear and engaging to help support learning. It’s great as it can be done from home via Zoom. Everything is so well organised and my child feels much more confident and prepared. Can’t recommend enough!”

Hollie (Student, Aged 10)

“I actually enjoy watching the videos from Dylan and Hayden because they help me to solve tricky questions I’m stuck on in the tasks. I like logging in after school whenever I want to have a go.”

Jennifer (Parent)

“The 11+ preparation resources are accurate and helpful. We really appreciate how we can log in whenever we want and the video walkthroughs are amazing. Highly recommend Top Dog!”

Tamara (Parent)

“My child has grown so much in confidence thanks to the services offered by Top Dog Tutoring. The flexibility with accessing the resources is fantastic for our busy schedule. My son was quite hesitant at first; however, he grew to really enjoy his learning.”

Coco (Student, Aged 10)

“My tutor is kind, funny and helpful. If you’re ever struggling in classes, she always helps and encourages everyone to have a go – even if you don’t know the answer yet. I feel like I’ve learned a lot in her class and I enjoy the lessons (even maths!).”

Abi (Student, Aged 9)

“My tutor is very good; she explains things in a way that I always understand. There were lots of topics especially in NVR that I was very confused about before. Guess what? I know exactly how to answer them now!”

Greg (Parent)

“I thoroughly recommend Top Dog tutoring. It is well organised, has fantastic resources, high quality tutors and the management are great at efficient communication. They are all inspiring and encouraging for the pupils. Crucially, it has taken some of the pressure off us as parents to prepare our son for the Kent Test even though we are both experienced teachers.”

Catarina (Parent)

“Top Dog Tutoring has had a BIG positive impact on my daughter. She absolutely enjoyed her lessons with her tutor over the past year. Each lesson has been thoroughly planned with clear explanations delivered in an engaging way with the children. I highly recommend them to all my friends.”

Hannah (Parent)

“We’ve loved using Top Dog Tutoring and found everyone so supportive, knowledgeable and understanding. It’s been invaluable in giving my child the confidence to go into the test but also the confidence to move onto secondary education. The tutors have all been wonderful with the kids, engaging them, making them laugh and enjoy all the sessions.”

Ayse (Parent)

“We had a successful journey with Top Dog Tutoring since September. I can’t thank them enough for their support; my daughter was never reluctant and looked forward to lessons. She benefited from the free mock tests throughout the year. It was so helpful to see the improvement. Thank you Top Dog!”

Edward (Student, Aged 10)

“My tutor is very kind. She never gets frustrated if someone doesn’t know the answer and she helps them to understand the questions. She makes sure everyone is happy in the group and I’ve learned so much.”

Joanne (Parent)

“My daughter found her twice weekly sessions engaging, perfectly placed and fun thanks to her amazing tutor! She has come on so much since joining in September and her confidence has also grown thanks to the encouragement from Top Dog.”

Malachi (Student, Aged 10)

“I really enjoy the online lessons and whenever I’m stuck, my tutor always helps me. I can put something in the chat box and know she’s always going to help me understand and explain it really clearly.”