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Embark on your 11+ success journey with our expertly crafted resources, balancing affordability and excellence. Our vast library offers hundreds of video lessons, tasks and walkthroughs, ensuring comprehensive preparation. Tailored for Year 5 students, empower your child to excel at their own pace, priming them for success in any 11+ exam from Kent and London to Birmingham and Manchester!

  • English, maths, verbal and non-verbal video lessons
  • Pause and practise at your own pace
  • Best-suited for children in Year 5
  • Downloadable tasks with every lesson
  • Walkthrough videos with every task

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Learn better with real teachers

Video Lessons

Covering all 11+ concepts, each video lesson offers real teacher guidance and plenty of opportunities to pause and practice, ensuring noticeable progress. Say goodbye to repetitive AI tools and hello to quality teaching and learning.

Homework Tasks

Watch the lesson, then enjoy quick, fun homework tasks made by our teachers to reinforce learning. Each task helps identify strengths and weaknesses within the lesson and has answers included. Beats working through that never-ending textbook!


Sometimes answers themselves are not enough. That’s why we’ve created a video walkthrough for every homework task, empowering your child to independently tackle challenging questions and learn effective problem-solving techniques.

How to get the most out of our 11+ resources

Enhance your child’s tuition sessions with our exceptional resources, perfectly complementing their journey. Utilise our tools as a booster to elevate their progress towards 11+ success.

Close any gaps in your child’s understanding by filtering our resources to fit your needs. Customise your child’s pace, and focus on the content matters most.

Empower your child’s pre-test preparation with our extensive 11+ resource library. Explore numerous revision options and enjoy permanent access to ensure they’re fully ready for the real 11+.

After completing the downloadable task, motivate your child to watch the teacher walkthrough video to identify any errors and, more importantly, discover more efficient methods.

Unsure where to start? Why not stick to our weekly schedule to smoothly navigate the year and ensure steady progress. See how that looks here!

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With 200+ five star reviews on Google and Facebook combined, you can be sure that we’re the real deal. Here is what one of our 11+ Preparation Resources customers had to say about the service:

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Who created the resources?

Every single lesson video, task and walkthrough is created by passionate teachers Dylan and Hayden, founders of Top Dog Tutoring.

Who is it suitable for?

It is designed for children studying at Year 5 level.

How much does it cost?

There is a one-off cost of £219 for everything. Permanently. If we add any content in the future, this will also be yours for no additional cost!

Can I spread the cost?

Yes! Users can opt in to spread the payment over a number of months at no additional cost, helping with affordability.

Why should I buy this resource?

As great as other platforms are, the real resource is quality teaching. Our videos are professionally created and recorded by real teachers who know how children learn. It can look appealing to be offered unlimited questions generated by AI tools, but will your child really learn this way?